Pure beauty in old age

I just fell for this lovely photo of an Indian lady sitting quietly on the stairs, while she is smelling a flower that has the same colour as her dress.

I am such a fan of colours, and if I could, I mean, if I DARED, I would always walk around  in flower coloured chlothes. Any strong colour can make my day. I love yellow. And the sharp green of the fresh grass in our nature in springtime is so invigorating, you just want to take it in. 

For the one who reads this lines, I wish you a very happy day, and I want to conclude with some of my own wisdom words, which come to me in different ways.

Nobody of us knows how tough our own lives will turn out to be.

And what concerns the past: It is a memory, sometimes painted with grief, stress and pain. Leave it all behind you, that is where it is anyway. Ok, love you all! Bye for now!


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