tirsdag 16. mai 2017

Pure beauty in old age

I just fell for this lovely photo of an Indian lady sitting quietly on the stairs, while she is smelling a flower that has the same colour as her dress.

I am such a fan of colours, and if I could, I mean, if I DARED, I would always walk around  in flower coloured chlothes. Any strong colour can make my day. I love yellow. And the sharp green of the fresh grass in our nature in springtime is so invigorating, you just want to take it in. 

For the one who reads this lines, I wish you a very happy day, and I want to conclude with some of my own wisdom words, which come to me in different ways.

Nobody of us knows how tough our own lives will turn out to be.

And what concerns the past: It is a memory, sometimes painted with grief, stress and pain. Leave it all behind you, that is where it is anyway. Ok, love you all! Bye for now!

This is Indian curry in a hurry

Litt Kikkoman må til.

Today I tried out Fjordlands Indian vegetable stew, sabji, as they say in India. With some white rice, and fresh coriander, I must say it tasted delicious. This is for one person only.

mandag 15. mai 2017

This is spring!

Running water creates such a wonderful melody. Sometimes, to fall asleep, I listen to recordings of rain on a tent, that I find on YouTube. Now I wait for all of the snow to disappear from the mountain lakes, so I can go for a swim there.

Cleaning the beach

What a lovely day! And such windy conditions! The pollution from the sea, arrives on the shore, eventually. And also people throw garbage too easily, not caring to tidy after themselves after barbecuing and other activities.

Here in Breivika it was collected 60 big garbage bags of trash.
I was there with bigger and smaller friends, and we enjoyed ourselves. I used a big garden tool, to rake the area, and it was very helpful to gather up items entangled in seaweed.

And the more you looked, the more you found! After finishing the work we enjoyed barbecuing hot dogs. What a lovely day!

tirsdag 2. mai 2017

I love nature

Why stay indoors, when all hope is outdoors? This beautiful day in Junkerdalsura, Saltdal, and this lovely piece of nature, is something you also can discover. Maybe you can visit a park, or a forest, or a lake, or a mountain, or the sea, or just gaze up in the sky and observe flying birds around you.
Now, move!

Best view for landing

Welcome to the landing field in Bodø. From this hill I see - and hear - the big air machines make a turn before they land elegantly unto the uplit field. I was here last night, and I tried to meditate as the airplanes passed by. 

It was early in the night, so most of the visiting families were already home. But this noise could not relieve me from all my built up peace. I was thinking, if I stand here with a bazooka, noone could stop me from shooting at the planes. 

But who has a bazooka anyway?

Beautiful places in Bodø

Yes, if you visit our lovely town, and have a car, this is the best way to visit. On these pictures I take you to Burøya, and Nyholmen Skandse, an old fortress. This place is situated approximately two kilometres from Bodø centre, and it is facing the centre from the other side of the harbour. So when you visit, you will see everything from the other side. This is the place where you can find a soft, windfree spot to relax. Or run about in the wind. Here you can fish, but be aware that the sewage water is returning through here because they miscalculated the currents further out. So if you catch fish, clean it superwell from the outside.